Roof Lantern Installation Guide

This installation guide will give you an understanding how our Roof Lanterns & Sky Lights are fitted together. If of course you have any questions, please call us 0117 971 9922


  Firstly you will have the finished opening to the measurements you’ve requested and the 150mm high timber up stand felted over ready.
  Apply a silicone seal all around the up stand ready for the upvc cill.
  Place the cill on to the siliconed upstand and screw down through to secure.
  Screw the frames and corner post together and then into the cill (using 60mm bay pole screws provided)
  Remove the beading out of the window frames using a flat knife (wallpaper scraper).
  Put glass packers into the frames for the glass to sit onto.
  Glaze the window frames by placing glass on the packers and then tap the beading into the channel using a glazing mallet.
  It is up to you what way you fit your roof as depending on the build of the roof your installing it onto.
We decided to build the roof separately and lift it on in one piece as it was easier to work from outside than in.
  Align the aluminium eaves beams onto a flat surface and make sure the internal and external points meet.
If you can screw the eaves beams down square this will help to make sure its level and will be easier to drill.
  Screw the external cleats into the fixed frame using self tapping screw provided.

Once all four cleats are screwed into place drill a 10mm hole into the centre of the corners for the hip bars to bolt into.

  Put the hip bars into the end of the ridge and into the drilled corners.
  Also, put the centre transom bar in place.
  This depends on the size you have ordered if it will have jack rafter bars (below) or standard transoms bars.
  Place bars into pre drilled holes and then add the ridge radius bottom caps And the ridge bottom cap.

Locate and organise your polycarbonate to the bar numbers and the sheet closure numbers.

The writing side on the polycarbonate should always face outwards, clip the sheet closure onto the bottom of polycarbonate making sure the breather tape is already on the sheet and the slots are facing inwards. These will have to be cut to width of sheet.


Place the polycarbonate or glass into the correct location  making sure that it is pushed into the ridge channel.

  Hit the bar top caps on using a glazing mallet.
  Apply a decent amount of silicone in the channel between bars and ridge so it is completely water tight.

Put the foam bung into the channel you will need to cut this to the correct size and we recommend using silicone on the top of the bung also to totally seal it.


  Cut the ridge top cap in 40mm so you can put ridge end top caps on.
  Slide the crests into the channel then put ridge end top cap on using silicone and the white rivets provided.
  Tap ridge top cap into place.
  Apply a silicone bead under the ridge cap to make it a watertight seal.
  Lift the roof onto the frames and screw provided bay pole screws through aluminium channel into the frame.
  Put the gutter clips into the eaves beam and clip guttering onto clips.
  Put the gutter clips into the eaves beam and clip guttering onto clips.
  Decide where you want the spigot to be positioned and drill a hole into the gutter angle and connect spigot.
  Connect the downpipe.