Flat Roof Drainage

A comprehensive range of roof and balcony outlets for commercial, domestic and industrial applications. Compatible with most roofing materials including hot asphalt, bituminous felt and PVC roof membrane, Hunter roof outlets are designed with fast and simple installation in mind. The range comprises 82mm, 110mm and 160mm roof outlets, the Balcony Outlets with full flat grating and a box gutter outlet completes the range

  1. Unique clamping flange for a secure fix.
  2. Tough impact resistant pvc.
  3. Grilles designed for filtering.
  4. Can drain upto 512 metres square at 10.72 litres per second.
  5. Grilles easy to remove for cleaning.
  6. All sizes quoted are internal day light sizes.

Allow 14 days for delivery on these products


Roof Outlet


Box Gutter Outlet


Balcony Outlet Grey


82mm to 68mm spigot grey